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Creating Task Cards

  As things start to get back to pre-covid, I’m looking forward to partner and group work again.  One activity I’ve learned I enjoy is task cards with partners.  Here is a quick video on how to make your ow .  I use Equatio when I go to input the math questions in the boxes.
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Unit Circle Pixel Art

  This activity has students take coordinate pairs and provide the degrees.  The degree symbol is already in the answer they just need to input the number.  As the students input the correct number the rhino above will slowly appear. Unit Circle Rhino Pixel Art

Rhino Template

  This rhino is a template that you can add your own content too.  While it is pixel art it is formatted using an indirect formula which means reformatting it is simpler than a typical pixel art picture.  If you aren't sure how to format it, check out the video below.   Rhino Template

Percent to Decimal Puzzle

The first one is an activity that has students practice converting percents to decimals.  This is an easy activity to reinforce converting before you move on to ordering or changing to fractions.  This is a puzzle reveal and will need to be done in order for the puzzle to reveal.  The answer cells change from red to green when the answer is correct, no matter what order the student's answer the questions.  The Unicorn Template is a 10 question template that you can update to meet your content needs.  It is easy to update.  A video on how to update it is included when you make a copy and also posted below. Percent to Decimal Unicorn Puzzle 10 Question Unicorn Template

Derivatives of Quadratics Banana Split

  This activity has students practice finding the derivative of a quadratic.  This was my favorite part of calculus. Derivatives of Quadratic Banana Split

Decimal to Percent Puzzle

  The decimal to percent is an activity to help students practicing converting decimals to percents.   The students must answer the questions in order and include a percent sign for the picture to show.  This is a basic activity which I used to help prepare them for ordering numbers. The heart template is a template that is set and ready for your content.  A video is included below and on the template on how to update it.  You add the questions that fit your content and update the answers on sheet 2 before sharing with your students.  This is a great stepping stone in learning how to make your own puzzle reveals.  My students enjoy these and this picture is one of many that they colored in hopes I would create an activity from it.   Decimal to Percent Puzzle Reveal Heart Puzzle Template

Fraction to Percent Puzzle Reveal

    In this activity, students will convert fractions into percents.  They will need to round to the nearest tenths place when necessary.  As the students answer questions correctly, the answer box will turn from red to green.  The students must answer the questions in order for the puzzle to reveal.  Answers should include the percent sign.   Fraction to Percent Puzzle Reveal Butterfly Puzzle Template