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Triangle Congruence Puzzle

  This activity has students practice Triangle Congruence. The activity includes SSS, SAS, ASA, AAS, HL, and not enough information.  As students correctly identify the congruence, a piece of the picture will reveal.  After completing the entire picture, a puzzle of Fire Mario will show.  Students will not be able to advance without correct answers. Triangle Congruence Puzzle Reveal
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March Pixel Art

  These are pixel art activity that are best for St. Patrick's Day.  The March Template is set to numbers 1-10 so that you can add your own questions.  The Distance Formula activity has students find the distance between 2 points and round to the nearest tenths when necessary.  The coordinate plane activity has students state the ordered pair for 10 different points on a coordinate plane.  When students input correct answers the picture will color.   Distance Formula Pixel Art Coordinate Plane Pixel Art March Pixel Art Template

Pythagorean Theorem Toss

  In this activity students will be "throwing" a Frisbee.  They will find the value of the missing side and click on the answer.  If they are correct, then it will fly across the missing side.  If they are incorrect, it will fly off of the screen and they will have to try it again. Pythagorean Theorem Toss

4 in a Row - Fraction to Percent

  This is a partner activity that can be played online or printed.  I would use breakout rooms for this activity.  The students answer questions to try and get 4 in a row.  A board with pieces in one of the slides for the students, the same tic tac toe rules apply.  The pieces can't be "floating" they have to drag their piece down as far as possible in a column.    Four in a Row Fraction to Percent

Digital Walkabouts

    Digital Walkabouts let the students do a self checking activity but with a little twist.  If you want to add a physical piece to the activity consider having the students do jumping jacks, push-ups, or another activity after each question.  It sounds silly but the movement gives them a chance to get out of their seats and from my experience they enjoy it.  My students learned ascending and descending by practicing walking(most were running) up and down the stairs or standing up and sitting down if they didn't have stairs.   Order of Operations Walkabout Combine Like Terms with Distributive Property Walkabout

Graphing on a Number Line

This activity has students practice graphing on a number line.  Students will be graphing positive numbers, negative numbers, and decimals. Graphing on a Number Line  

Distributive Bingo

  Bingo is always a fun way to practice math while playing a game. This activity includes a digital copy to be completed online or a paper copy if you wish to print.  I use this as a self paced bingo, which means that I give the students the board and the pattern and they work through it on their own.  After completing the pattern they submit it and all the submissions with correct answers get their name on the wheelofnames to determine a winner.  This takes the pressure off of your slower paced workers and allows your fast paced letters to work and not pressure their peers.  Distributive Property Bingo