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Adding Money with Pictures

This activity was made for a consumer math class.  The activity has students add together money.  The students must be able to identify the different types of coins and bills as the activity shows the money as coins and bills.  The largest coin used is a quarter and the largest bill is $50. Adding Money Pixel Art  
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Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers

In this activity students will be adding and subtracting mixed numbers.  The problems include expressions that result in a negative answer.  When the students input the answer correctly part of the picture will appear.   Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers Pixel Art  

Triangle Vocabulary Crossword

 This is a basic triangle crossword puzzle. The clues are on the boxes with the triangle in the corner.  A word bank is included but could be deleted to make it more challenging.  I'm using this in an 8th grade classroom, you would want to add more words if using in a geometry classroom. Triangle Vocab Crossword Puzzle

Free Customized Activity

  If you like Pi R Scared’s Facebook page (!/pirscared/photos/a.123969656123668/238676214653011/ ), I will make you an activity of your choice. After liking my page comment on the Facebook post with the activity you want and the topic you need it to be.

Area and Circumference of Circles Earth Day

  In this activity students find the area and circumference of different circles.  The picture was made for Earth day but could be used at anytime of the year.  The units are included for the students.  Delete the numerical answer before sharing with your students. Area and Circumference of Circles Pixel Art

Mystery Activity on Linear Equations

  In this activity students will work through 3 different types of question which build on each other.  The first part of the activity has students find the slope of two points.  The second part of the activity has students find the y-intercept given 2 points. The final part of the activity has students write the equation of the line given 2 points.  The slides are color coded to match the table meaning, when students are on a purple question they answer would be in the purple part of the table.   Slope, y-intercept, writing equations Mystery Activity

Spring Break

 During Spring Break, I’ll be making request.  If you have a request send me an email Activities: Bingo, Maze, Pixel Art, Puzzle Reveals, and Escape Rooms.