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Teaching Reflections

  Teaching reflections can be a challenge for some students.  I found that pulling in the way you fold a paper from elementary school is helpful.  Check out the video below for tips.
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Integer Rules Why?

  During the month of February, we started reviewing for our State test.  As we learned new concepts and reviewed previous ones we looked at why the rules work and how did they work. This took time, it time that many may say was a waste or could have been used elsewhere.    For struggling students or students who aren't great at memorizing this is very helpful. I find that in math students are told this is the rule and you need to learn it.  The reason behind the rule isn't explained or shown.  I've been challenging my students to ask questions, seek to know how or why it works, and not just believe something is true because I said it was.   This had led to great discussions.  For example, why does minus a negative change to a plus sign.  You've probably heard two negatives make a positive but why does it work.  We spent a day looking at why the integer rules work.  If they know the reason behind it, it helps as they are working out a problem or building on this skill. 

Teaching Volume

  Do your student ask when will I ever use this?  If you are getting ready to teach Volume, here's a great example.  The students will be excited to learn about how to possibly win this contest when they see it the next time. 

Gimkit Update

  My students have been asking to play a GimKit again.  I shared with them, that's it's hard to make math problems look right on many of the game based websites.    GimKit has added a new equation feature about 2 weeks ago which makes adding equations and other types of problems super easy.  If typing the math is the reason that you haven't been using GimKit, I recommend giving it a try again. 

Writing the Equation of a Line

This is a part of a set of task cards for writing the equation of a line.  This was made for Math 7 students and advanced Math 6 students.  The y-intercept is 0 for each of the tables.  Writing the Equation of a Line From a Table  

Favorite Slide Sites

  As teachers we are constantly creating presentations and to keep students engaged we have to mix up the layout and images often.  I found this to be time consuming but these 3 sites make it easy to quickly adapt a lesson and make it look nice.  

Custom Number Lines

  Finding the perfect number for your examples or worksheets can be hard a times but I've found this website that let's you custom make the number lines.  This is my favorite site because you can decide the size of the number and the increments that it counts in.  This is my favorite number line site: