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Teacher Desmos Self Checking

  Here are 2 quick videos on how to update your Desmos dashboard from dots to check marks and x's.  The first video is for a graph with a multiple choice question.  The second video is for a table. This will provide you with instant feedback.  As students answer, you can scroll down your dashboard and know right away whether or not they understand. Desmos Graph and Multiple Choice Right/Wrong Desmos Table Right/Wrong
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Parts of a Circle Slide Puzzle

 In this activity students are given an equation. For #1-5 students will find the center of the circle. For questions #6-10, students will find the radius.  This is a slide puzzle which means student's see all of the pieces but they are scrambled.  Each time the student's input a correct answer, a piece will slide closer to the correct location.  Parts of a Circle Slide Puzzle

One Step Equations Slide Puzzle

  In this activity, students will be solving one step equations. The picture is showing for students but is scrambled. Each time a student correctly answers a question, a piece will move towards the correct place. One Step Slide Puzzle

Perfect Square Puzzle

  In this activity students will find the perfect square of numbers ranging from 1-20.  Each correct answer reveals a part of the puzzle. Perfect Square Puzzle

Convert to Scientific Notation

  In this activity students will convert 10 numbers from decimals or large numbers to scientific notation.  This includes both positive and negative exponents. Scientific Notation

Perfect Squares Pixel Art

 In this activity students will find the perfect squares for numbers between 1-20.  This is best viewed at 80%, to change your view setting click ctrl -.  It can be viewed at 100% they will just have to scroll. Perfect Squares Tacos

Scientific Notation to Expanded Form

In this activity, students will convert numbers from scientific notation to expanded form. The exponents included are both positive and negative. Student must correctly write the answers including a 0 in front of a decimal and commas where needed in large numbers.  Each correct answer will reveal part of the puzzle above. Scientific Notation to Expanded Form