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Pumpkin Pixel Art

  This is a pixel art template and can be used your classroom.  The template is set up using an indirect formula which means no reformatting is required when you make it your own.  You will input your questions and answer and then update the answers on sheet 2 and the picture will update.  A video is below on how to update it; while the picture is different in the video, the formatting and location of the answers is the same. Pumpkin and Bats Pixel Art Template
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Halloween Pixel Art

  This is the first in a series of Halloween Pixel Art.  This is a template so you can modify it to your content.  A video is included for how to reformat.  This is set up using an indirect formula which means you don't need to reformat or change equations, just update the answers and the picture will update.   Halloween Cat Pixel Art

Adding and Subtracting Maze

In this activity, students will work on adding and subtracting both positive and negative decimals.  This is a basic maze which can be completed online or printed.  A copy for both along with an answer is included in the link.  Adding and Subtracting Decimals Maze

One Year Celebration

  A year ago, I set out on this adventure of running a blog, creating digital resources, and sharing resources with others.  I've learned so much in the past year and will continue to learn and share.  Along with running the blog, I started a YouTube channel to help other teachers. A video on how to make this template your own is posted below. I'm not sure what all year 2 has in store but be on the look out for videos on Zoom Phone, Canvas, and more activities.   Celebration Template Pixel Art

Adding and Subtracting Integers Pixel Art

  In this activity, students will be adding and subtracting integers.  The integers include both positive and negative numbers.  The final picture is the dog and butterfly shown above. Adding & Subtracting Integers Pixel Art

Adding and Subtracting Integers Using Number Line

  This activity is a good practice for adding and subtracting integers.  I used this with my Math 7 and Advanced Math 6 group to help learn the integer rules.  While this is made to be used digitally you could print it and have the students drag on the number line. Adding and Subtracting Integers Activity

Connections Matter

  I wanted to share a story with you all.  Last week was our first week of school and this year I'm teaching it all through zoom.  Similar to in person the first day had its glitches and didn't go fully as planned.  The rest of the week went well with our getting to know you activities and how to sessions.  I switched up technology and was ready to try something new for week 2.  As I started to let people into class yesterday one of my students asked me a question, keep in mind, that I've only known these students for 1 week.  The student messaged me in the chat "Mrs. Booth, you look sad, are you okay?"   I may be a veteran teacher but that doesn't exclude me from technology problems, long to do list, or hoping lessons go as planned.  Through a computer screen the student could sense this before we even finished our SEL question of the day.  Her question threw me off, it made me stop worrying if the new technology was going to work or how much class time would