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Candy Corn Template

  This is another Halloween template. It is easy to update to meet your needs.  A video is included on how to update it and no reformatting is required.  The video is for a different Halloween pixel art but the steps are the same.  Candy Corn Template
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PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies)

  If you are tired of repeating yourself or trying to motivate your students then PBIS would be something great for you to try.  I started using this 3 years ago in my Math classroom and it has made a difference.  The video shows how I use it in my classroom, I also have a video if your school is looking to implement it.  

Improper Fraction to Mixed Number

  In this activity, student convert improper fractions to mixed numbers. This activity has 12 questions. The students will end with the sunflower pictured. Improper Fraction to Mixed Number

Mixed to Improper Fractions Pixel Art

  In this activity, students will convert mixed numbers into improper fractions.  There are 10 questions in the activity. Each time the question is answered correctly, part of the picture will reveal. Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions

Squirrel Puzzle Template

This is a template which can be updated quickly and easily to meet your classroom needs.  A video is attached on how to update.  You will not need to do any reformatting just update the answer key and it's ready for use. Squirrel Tile Puzzle Template  

Sunflower Template Pixel Art

  This activity is a template of a sunflower.  The answer key is in sheet 2 so you will need to change the answers in the answer key to meet the needs of your questions and answers. This is a simple one to update, you add your questions, answers, and update the answer key and it is ready for your classroom.   Sunflower Template Pixel Art

Math Pixel Art

  This is a template which you can update with your questions and answers.  After putting in your questions and answers, update the answer key on sheet 2 and the template is ready for your classroom.  The answers are in sheet 2 at the bottom then d81-d90.  Once you input your questions and answers up the answer key on sheet 2.  Right click on sheet 2 and hide it then share with your students.  Math Template Pixel Art