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Pi Day Pixel Art

    The 1st Pixel Art activity focuses on students finding the circumference of a circle given the radius or the diameter. This activity was made for Pi Day but could be used any time. This is a basic level activity. The 2nd pixel art activity focuses on students finding the area of a circle given the radius or the diameter. This activity was made for Pi Day but could be used any time. This is a basic level activity. Circumference of a Circle Pixel Art Area of a Circle Pixel Art Pi Day Pixel Art Template
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Multi-step Inequalities

  This activity has students solve a multi-step inequality questions.  Most of the questions involve the distribute property with some also including combining like terms.  After solving the students will graph their answer on a number line by dragging and dropping a circle(open or closed) and the arrow.  Finally, the students will drag a circle around numbers that are represented in the solution.  The activity does include problems that will require the students to flip the inequality sign due to dividing or multiplying by a negative.  Solving Multi-Step Inequalities Drag and Drop

Multiplication Practice

                                These are basic multiplication practices. The star practice has a slide for each number.  The students practice the multiplication and then move the star to check their answer.  The Pac Man Multiplication Practice is more of an escape room type practice.  The students click on the answer and pac man moves, if they are correct he will remain safe, if they are in correct the math cost will eat him. Multiplication Practice #0-12 Pac Man Multiplication Practice

Puzzle Templates

  These are puzzle templates.  The flower template is both in puzzle form and in a Google Form.  You will just need to add your questions and make it response validation.  The Pi day puzzle is just a puzzle and can be put into a Google Sheets reveal or a Google Form. Flower Puzzle Template Flower Puzzle Google Form Pi Day Puzzle 

Triangle Congruence Puzzle

  This activity has students practice Triangle Congruence. The activity includes SSS, SAS, ASA, AAS, HL, and not enough information.  As students correctly identify the congruence, a piece of the picture will reveal.  After completing the entire picture, a puzzle of Fire Mario will show.  Students will not be able to advance without correct answers. Triangle Congruence Puzzle Reveal

March Pixel Art

  These are pixel art activity that are best for St. Patrick's Day.  The March Template is set to numbers 1-10 so that you can add your own questions.  The Distance Formula activity has students find the distance between 2 points and round to the nearest tenths when necessary.  The coordinate plane activity has students state the ordered pair for 10 different points on a coordinate plane.  When students input correct answers the picture will color.   Distance Formula Pixel Art Coordinate Plane Pixel Art March Pixel Art Template

Pythagorean Theorem Toss

  In this activity students will be "throwing" a Frisbee.  They will find the value of the missing side and click on the answer.  If they are correct, then it will fly across the missing side.  If they are incorrect, it will fly off of the screen and they will have to try it again. Pythagorean Theorem Toss