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Changing Attributes Escape Style

  This activity starts off by asking the students a question.  If the student answers correctly they are advanced to the next question.  If they answer incorrectly, they are presented with a hint.  If they answer incorrectly again, they receive a second hint.  If they answer incorrectly a 3rd time, they receive a final hint.  Each of the hints provides more steps into how to solve the problem.  There is no way for you to track how many hints a student used so this is a good self checking activity for students to complete or you can have them submit their work for each question.  You will need to share with your students in presentation mode, a video is posted below.   Changing Attributes Self Checking
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Changing Attributes

  I'm getting ready to teaching changing attributes and I realized there aren't many resources out there for this topic.  This one focuses on rectangular prisms and has students find volume and surface area.  Changing Attributes

Cinco De Mayo

  Whether it's Cinco De Mayo, Taco Tuesday, or a regular day of year this pixel art is a hit.  I've made a video on how to update it should you want a topic I haven't made.

Cat Puzzle Reveal

The cute cat puzzle reveal one piece at a time when students complete the questions in order.  If they go out of order the answer cells turn green or red based on correct/incorrect.  The answers are hidden in sheet two of these.  Greatest Common Factor Least Common Multiple Volume and Surface Area of Cones   

May the Fourth

  These pixel art activities were made for May 4th.  These are basic pixel art practices for students to complete.   Factoring Pixel Art Least Common Multiple Pixel Art Evaluate Expressions Pixel Art Greatest Common Factor Pixel Art

Paper Chain Fraction Math

  This activity has 25 questions on adding and subtracting mixed numbers. The students will be solving questions and creating a paper chain of their answers.  Each time they answer a question they will contain the pieces together to grow their chain.   Mixed Fractions Paper Chain

Pythagorean Theorem

  This puzzle reveal focuses on the Pythagorean Theorem.  The students are given the picture in each of the questions.  If they solve the problem correctly a piece of the puzzle will reveal. Pythagorean Theorem Puzzle Reveal