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Radicals Sort

  This activity has students practice sorting perfect and imperfect radicals.  This is part of our lesson that leads into estimating.  The students drag and drop the radicals into the box where they fall. Radicals Perfect vs Imperfect Sort

Compare and Order Drag and Drop

My students really struggle with comparing and ordering numbers. This is another activity where they must compare: decimals, fractions, percents, and scientific notation. Once they compare the numbers they drag them into their boxes in order from least to greatest. Compare and Order Hearts Drag and Drop

Circle Coloring Activity

This activity has students find the center of a circle. The activity starts with basic questions where students are given the equation and then progresses to giving the students points on the diameter. As the students correctly answer the questions, the picture will color. Equation of A circle - Color by Answer

Equation + Expression Meet

  In this critical thinking activity, students will start by solving a one step equation.  From there, students will use the answer to solve the next problem.  Each time the students correctly solve a problem, a piece of the picture will color.  I used this with my students and it provided great insight into their though process. Equation Challenge  

Color by Answer

    This color by answer will have students work on order of operations.  In order to advance, they must input the correct answer.  When going to the next question part of the picture will color. After 15 questions they will have a completed picture to submit and will be asked to submit their work. Hot Air Balloon Order or Operations Hot Air Balloon 15 Question Template

Making It Happen

  If you have a dream activity, project, or just a need for your classroom donorschoose can help make it happen.  When we started virtual teaching something just felt off and sitting all day was hard for me.  I'm a very active person and I realized I missed standing up.  Through donorschoose I was able to get a stand up desk and it makes a HUGE difference.  For me, it make virtual teaching seem more normal.   COVID has created many challenges in how I typically run my classroom and I was able to get supplies to still have activities at their desk.  If you don't like asking others for money, donorschoose has match offers which allow you to fund your project without asking others.  I typically use a match offer plus double or triple match days to fund my project.  A double or triple match day is mostly random but the site will tell you what days any money donated to your project will be double. This makes an easy way to take that $25 gift card you get from a match offer and turn

Systems of Equations Activities

     Pac Man can be a fun way to practice systems of equations.  This activity has Pac Man move based on their answer.  Incorrect answers will result in the math ghost eating Pac Man while correct answers will make the dots disappear.  The second activity is a systems of equations pixel art.  The picture will appear as student input the correct answer.  Pac Man System of Equations Systems of Equations Pixel Art

Percent of

This Frog activity has students practice with Percent Of problems.  If you would like a different topic please let me know and I can make a different one or use one of the templates below.  Percent Of Pixel Art Frog 10 Question Pixel Template Frog 20 Question Pixel Template

Inverse Variation

 This is a leveled activity on Inverse Variation.  Students start with a maze that only ask them to find the constant, next they are writing the equations, and finally they are finding a missing value.   Inverse Variation Mazes (3 of them)

Square Root Addition and Subtraction

  This activity works well for the Algebra 1 standard of adding and subtracting radicals.  This is a digital click about similar to a walk about. The students complete a problem then find their answer on the slide and click for the next problem.  There are a total of 12 questions of varying degree for them to practice. Square Root Addition/Subtraction Click About

Logic Law- Syllogism and Detachment

  This is a drag and drop style activity to practice the Law of Syllogism and Detachment.  In this activity students are given 2 statements and must decide if the statements represent either law and then write a conclusion.  The activity includes no conclusion statements which were challenging when I taught geometry.   Logic Laws - Syllogism and Detachment

Walk Around Template

  Short on time? This is a template that is all set up, you just add your questions and answers.  The links are already in the template for you so if you see a hidden shape appear when updating information, it contains a link so don't delete it.  Hope this helps add an activity to your classroom.   12 Question Click Around Template

Logic Drag and Drop

  This is a great activity to have students practice after teaching them about a conditional, converse, inverse, contrapositive, and biconditional. In this activity, students are given a statement and 4 other statements.  Student then drag and drop the words from the word bank into the blue boxes that they represent.   Logic Drag and Drop Activity

Plotting Hearts

  This is a valentines themed practice with plotting points and reading points from a graph.  This is a drag and drop style activity where students will practice with ordered pairs on a coordinate grid. The first part of the activity gives the students the ordered pair and they must drag and drop the heart onto the coordinate grid. The second part of the activity has students state the coordinate from a graph. Plotting Points with Hearts

More Pixel Art Math

  Pixel Art is a fun and self checking practice activity for students.  The Area and Circumference Activity makes tacos.  The other two are templates were you can add your questions. They made the teddy bear above. If you aren’t sure how to add your own questions a video is below.  Area and Circumference of Circles Teddy Bear 10 question template Teddy Bear 20 question template

Systems of Inequalities Activity

 This systems of inequalities activity is a drag and drop activity.  The students will start by graphing the system on one of the boxes.  After graphing they will check to see if the ordered pair on each envelope are solutions to the system.  Some problems all of the envelopes are a solution to one of the system on others some are not solutions to either.  Hope you enjoy the activity.  Systems of Inequalities Drag and Drop

Make Simple Drag and Drops

  I recently learned how to make simple drag and drop activities.  This method no longer requires you to download your slide then upload as a background. To make these easy drag and drops we will use the slide master.  This is located under edit then edit master.  Anything you do in master cannot be edited or moved when in the presentation. If you want to see a brief video on how it works it's below.  It also works nicely for projects, activities, or notes.  Here are some examples of what I’ve made using slide master. City Project Exponent Drag and Drop

Slope Intercept Project

  There is always a week or 2 after the SOL(Virginia's Standardized Test) where learning must continue yet you are divided.  If your classroom is like mine after the standardized test your class is split based on scores, if students missed the test, and whether students will take the final.  I decided to update an old project that the students enjoy and give it after the SOL.  This project has students find the slope, y-intercept, and write the equation of a line.  This is all done digitally so it can work in a virtual classroom.   City Project 

Langley Grant Update

  I shared about this grant in the fall.  This year Langley Federal Credit Union decided to fund ALL 75 grant request they received.  This is huge is so many ways, as a teacher it means that I can do activities in my classroom while meeting all the COVID protocols and not spend my planning period cleaning all the supplies to be ready for my next class.  In our district no supplies may be shared unless they are sanitized between use.  Through the grant I was able to get a set of the following supplies for each of my students.   Dry Erase Markers with Eraser Paddle Whiteboards Crayola Crayons 8 pack Rulers Scissors Storage Bags  I also have a student of the month award for each of my classes.  This year my students have been doing awesome with virtual learning so I have been giving out 3 awards each class period each month which has quickly eaten up my supplies.  They also provided more Mini Trophies to give out to my students.  Mini Thumbs Up Trophies   If you are interested in learning

Direct Variation Activity

  Direct Variation is a tricky topic for many students.  This activity has students practice find the constant given 2 points and then writing the equation.  This is a basic practice on direct variation.   Direct Variation Pixel Art

Identifying Parts of a Linear Equation

  This activity has students practice with slope, y-intercept, and graphing.  In the activity students will see equations that are in slope- intercept form, standard form, and special cases.  A video is included in case they aren't sure how to create and insert a graph.  Identifying Parts of a Linear Equation

Desmos Calculator

 🖩 In Virginia, our students are preparing to take their SOL(Standards of Learning Test).  If you are like me, this last semester brought a lot of change and a lot of new.  I teach middle school and Covid brought many changes to my classroom.  We spent almost the entire semester virtual and switched to a 4x4 schedule.  My students are set to take their SOL in a little over a week, and while all the curriculum has been taught, I still need to show them  how to utilize more than the basics of the calculator.  From talking to my peers, I learned I'm not alone in this area so I started putting videos on my youtube channel explaining how to use the calculator.  I am working to add more as they are requested but these are the ones I currently have.  Algebra 1  Solving Equations with Desmos Solving Inequalities with Desmos Math 8 and Advanced Math 7 Solving Equations with Desmos Scientific Solving Inequalities with Desmos Scientific Finding Slope with Desmos Scientific Order of Operatio

Starting 2021 with a Blast - Rocket Ship

  This pixel art activity is a template that can be updated to your needs. If you aren't sure how you to format it please send me an email or check out the video below.  I will reformat it the a topic you can use in your classroom if you send me an email. Rocket Ship 10 Question Template Rocket Ship 20 Question Template Rocket Ship 30 Question Template