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Powers of 10

  This Powers of 10 activity has students work with both positive and negative exponents for the power of 10.   Powers of 10

Hidden Message

  I wanted to mix up how I was hiding messages for students.  This is a quick way to hide a message.  


  When we started reflections we discussed the different ways to find them.  We talked about counting the distance to the line, the math behind it, and then the hamburger/hot dog fold.  For my struggling students the hamburger/hot dog fold worked best.  A bonus to this method is it also helps students review plotting points. 

Group Projects Part 2

 I enjoy doing group projects but I understand my student’s concerns. One of the biggest concerns is that 1-2 students do the entire project for the group and everyone earns the same grade.  Along with giving roles, I tried a new system for submitting work this semester and it worked really well.   The first step was to set up individual submission deadlines.  Each student had to submit their work each week.  The students had to submit their work before they could view their peers.  The second step was a group decision deadline.  The students then needed to review everyone’s answer in the group and submit 1 group answer.   The student’s were graded on their individual response and given feedback. They were then graded on their participation in the group discussion and groups response.  If you want to see my group project roles post click here .

Creating Digital Task Cards

  In this video, I show you how to take a Google Slides or task cards that you have on another file and make them into a digital activity.  This is great because it provides students with instant feedback when they hit submit.  If you have that 1 or 2 students who struggle with group work, this is a way for them to complete the same task cards at their pace. 

Theoretical Probability

In this activity, students will find the theoretical probability given an event.  This is at the middle school or introduction level of probability. Theoretical Probability