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Percent Proportions

  In this activity, students will find the missing part in the proportion.  The proportions are all set up as fractions and should be answered as x=.  Percent Proportions

Percent of a Number Pixel Art

In this activity students will find the percent of a number.  Some of the answers are decimals to the tenths place.  This would be a great activity for middle school math classes. Percent of a Number Pixel Art 

Combine Like Terms

  This pixel art is for combining like terms.  This does not include the distributive property.  The expressions contain 1 variable.  Combine Like Terms Pixel Art

Parent/Teacher Conferences Simplified

  This year is unique again as we navigate  through letting visitors and parents into the building.  Our school along with others has decided to do conferences virtually.  In the past, it was really frustrating scheduling conferences with so much back and forth finding times that worked for parents.  This year I used Google Calendar and it was so simple.  My parents were able to schedule without problems and it updated in real time. As soon as a time was taken it would be removed from the choices and it would email the family and myself.  

Puzzle Template - Monkey in Trees

  This is a tile puzzle template which means as students input correct answers a tile will appear. If the answer is incorrect the question number will continue to appear on picture.  Once they have correctly answered all questions this is the picture.  The formatting on this requires no formatting for you to use, you add your questions, answers, and update the key and it will automatically respond to the new answers.  I have included a how to update video on the template as well as below. Monkey Tile Template

Exit Ticket

  I’ve always struggled with finding the time to give an exit ticket in class.  On the days I did give them, I didn’t have the time to review them or adjust my instruction for the next day.  This year I started something new as my exit ticket and it’s working.  I am doing two different styles of exit tickets. The first exit ticket is a ranking one.  The students tell me how well they understand the lesson.  They also provide more information to what they need.  I’ve found that they are accurate most of the time in their answers and then I can provide the support they need.  Most students ask for extra examples the next day, some students ask for tutoring, and others say they will work through the online practice.  We tell students to advocate for themselves but are we teaching them how. This is a small step in teaching them how to advocate.  These are quick for me to check, I see who put low numbers and can adjust based on what they would need. The second exit ticket is a planning one.