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Slope from Standard Form

  In this activity students will find the slope from standard form for 12 equations. The answers should be written as m= and simplified if possible. Slope from Standard Form Pixel Art

Perfect Squares Task Cards

  These task cards were designed for my middle school students. The focus of the activity is finding area, perimeter, or a side given a perfect square.  There are 20 cards in total with an answer sheet and answer key. Area and Perimeter Perfect Square Task Cards

New Year's Puzzle

  These are all new year template puzzles. The templates are each set up for 12 questions.  Each one has a video attached to it on how to update.  You won't need to reformat anything just input your questions and answer and update the answer key.  This would be a great welcome back activity for students to use. Happy New Year Template 2022 Middle Template 2022 Right Template

Winter Themed Task Cards Template

 This is a template with 5 different sets of task cards.  Each set has 20 cards already numbered and a blank slide if you want or need to add more. There is also a title slide and directions slide for you to use if you want.   Winter Themed Task Cards

Winter Themed Backgrounds

  This is a set of 5 different backgrounds that you can add content to.  All of the backgrounds are in this template and more slides can be easily added.  You can add more slides by clicking the + on the top left.  Winter Themed Backgrounds

Group Work

  I love to do projects and group projects but there's always groups where 1 or 2 people in each group do the entire project.  This year I wanted it to be different.   I realized that we need to teach the students how to work in a group especially after the last year and a half.   I'm currently trying my first group project this year and it's a low risk project.  The students actually questioned me because they said it was fun and easy, they were waiting for the catch and math to be thrown in.  The students were tasked with creating a design for a cookie, finding a recipe, finding a charity to donate the proceed to if we were to sell it, and siting their work.  We started by providing roles for the project. I had never thought about outlining 1 position for each member in the group.  Each person could pick the role that best suited them but only 1 person could do each role.  Communication and meeting deadlines is a struggle with projects so one person was the Project Manage

One Step Equations

  In this activity students will be solving all types of one step equations.  Each answer should be written as x=.  One Step Equations