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Canvas Locked Assignments

  Canvas is a platform that many schools are now using.  There are different codes students have learned to write/edit to change different things in Canvas.  This is the current one.   They can edit the code so that a locked assignment where no submission is possible changes to allow them to submit.  While this does allow the students to submit the assignment, the assignment is still time stamped so you can see the day and time it was submitted.  

GimKit Links

  Did you know you can get a link to share with students to play GimKit? Last week, I was playing a GimKit with my students and waiting for them to type in the site and then the code.  A student shared to click on the code and it would give a link.  If you click, not right click, on the code it will give you a link you can share. 

Setting Expectations

  You are taught to teach the students your expectations. From day 1 you share the expectations, practice the expectations, and then expect them to follow them.  When you do a new activity or one you haven't done in a while, you remind the students of the expectations and yet I found myself correcting so many behaviors on a daily basis.  It seemed that students didn't know, remember, or want to follow the expectations.  Last year was different, last year didn't involve nearly as many corrections or behaviors.  This is what I learned last year. Each day, after the students completed the warm-up I went over my expectations.  Every single day, I reminded the students of my expectations.  I reminded them of how to participate and how to signal they had a question.  I reminded them of what I expected and what it looked like.   Did it go perfectly? No  Did students come back from break full of energy and need extra reminders? Yes   The difference was the corrections weren't h

Building Capacity for Group Projects

  I've shared before that I love group work but not all my students feel that way especially about group projects.  I understand that many worry who they will be grouped with or that they will do the entire project but everyone will get credit.  I start putting the students in groups 2-3 weeks before the group project.  I give them a simple task to work on let them know my expectations.  During the first group work, I ask that they be with their group, I encourage them to talk but I understand they probably won't.  After the group work, I have them complete an exit ticket about what went well and what could have gone better.  Before our next group work I share the most common answers from the previous exit tickets. For the "negatives" I share that they were written by more than 1 person so you aren't alone in feeling that, if you put that as your answer.   The next round of group work, I encourage the students to try to talk to each other as this is normally the m