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Market Slide Puzzle

  This is a template which you can add your course information too and use.  The video below explains how to update it.  You won't need to use a formula or anything, just update the answer key and use with your students. Slide Puzzle Template

End of year reflections

  As we approach the end of the year, it's a good time to reflect.  I like to ask my students several questions typically in a padlet.  I ask them what they learned about themselves, what they loved about the class, what they disliked about the class, and what they would change.  The post are anonymous and all the students can see their peers reply.   I've learned that something I do seem small or pointless to me and they mean a lot to them.  For example, on Friday's I hold an optional review and at the end of the reviews we play gimkit.  I play gimkit with them on these days.  Some students come to the reviews Friday just to play gimkit with me.   My students this year love to play the guess what game.  I have a chat open during class where student can direct message me questions, concerns, or thoughts.  My students enjoy asking me to guess what, without any context. This seems silly but it's help build a connection with some of my students. Academically, I've lear

Avocado Task Card Template

  This is a task card template.  You can add text boxes to each slide by clicking the T.  If you want to add more slides you can go to slide, edit theme to get a slide or click the plus sign at the top right. Avocado Task Card Template

Review Game

  We are currently reviewing for our big State test and I like to play games for the review.  The most popular one currently is Tic Tac Toe Teams Reviews.  Here is a video on how to create one for your class.

Canvas Comment Library

  One of my favorite features for grading in Canvas is the comment library.  I wish I had found this earlier in the year. I hope it helps save someone else time.  I do have a Google Doc with comments for each unit.  This allows me to keep only comments that are useful in my library during that time.  I trade out my specific comments for each unit but leave my general comments such as please complete as soon as possible in the library all year.  

Professional Developement

  Many of us have to take so many hours of professional development each year.  Recently, I was introduced to CHOICE and I found it a very interesting opportunity so I wanted to share it with others.  Here is the link to the website .  I have never participated in the program, but I'm hoping to be selected for it this year.  

Canvas Grading Colors

  If you are new to Canvas, one of my favorite features is the grade book coloring system.  This has also been a helpful feature for students and parent. When an assignment is turned in on time or early it has a gray background. When an assignment isn’t turned in on the due date it turns red in my grade book.  For students and parents they see a red missing assignment message when they sign in. This is AUTOMATIC, no extra work from me.  Next, I can click on the 3 dots and send a message to ALL students who didn’t submit it. This means 1 click lets me message anyone who missed the deadline.   You can set Canvas up to accept late assignments. The late assignments turn blue in the grade book.  You are able to see how late they are by the hour or day. You can also set the late penalty so it automatically adjust the score when you grade the assignment.  These features of Canvas have been very helpful in showing trends with late work, tracking missing assignments, and not fighting the late w

Lumio by SMART

  If you school is paying for SMART, you should ask about Lumio.  I love the built in games for Lumio.  I also like the data I can receive during an activity and the feedback my students receive after we complete an activity. 

Hamburger Pixel Art Template

  This is a template that you can update for content in your classroom.  If you need help updating it check out the video below.  Hamburger Pixel Art Template Looking for already made activites?  Check out these activities on my Tpt Store.  Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Hamburger Experimental Probability Hamburger Finding x and y intercepts Hamburger Powers of 10 Hamburger

Teacher Appreciation Week

  As we celebrate teacher appreciation this week, I’ve been reflecting on what appreciation has looked like during my career so far. The biggest trend is that appreciation is shown as support. I realize support looks different for different teachers and in different years.  In the support, expectation and consistency play a big role.   While teacher appreciation is 1 week, the support is needed all year long.  Support for my classes looks like ensuring my co-teacher can be in the room for class each day.  Support is protecting our planning time several days a week.  Support is setting realistic expectations for teachers. For example, we often need more than 24 hours to respond to all the emails we receive in a day.   One of the biggest things I've seen change for the better is work time.  In the beginning, we worked long hours and several weekends at the school.  If you weren't able to work the weekends they wanted to know why.   We were paid for coming in and tutoring/teaching