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Lesson Planning with Google Slides

  A few years ago I started planning using Google Slides.  In the video, I share how I plan with the slides but here are a few reasons I enjoy planning this way. First, I can create a template that allows me to link everything I need in a very visual manner.  Second, if I need to move something from one day to another day, it's a few clicks and done.  Third, if you have students who get copies of notes, you can give them the layout because the notes are right in your slides.  I typically use a slide template made by someone else which makes it faster to have nice looking slides. A few places that I find these templates is slidesmania, slidesgo, and Canva. Many of the sites allow educators to use the templates for free. What about my admin?  I've been in a few different districts since I started planning this way and no one has made me go back to the long documents with all the little pieces to lesson plan.  My slides have the same information just in a more kid friendly layout