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End of School Activity

This is a pixel art template that is formatted like a puzzle template.  Make a copy and add your questions to sheet 1. The answers are on sheet 2. Scroll down on sheet 2 until you see the answers. Change all the answers to yours and the picture will now respond to those answers.  I change the font color to white after updating the answers so the students don’t see it.  A quick video is below explaining it as well. School’s Out Pixel Art

Banana Split

  These are unique pixel arts in the fact that the answers are hidden in sheet 2. If you want to make your own questions, make a copy of the template below.  Put your questions on sheet 1 and then your answers on sheet 2.  Once you update your answer, I would suggest highlighting all the text and making it white and then hiding sheet 2.  To hide sheet 2, right click on it at the bottom and select hide sheet.    Banana Split Template The multiplying exponents activity gives students 2-3 base numbers with different exponents.  The students apply exponent rules to provide an answer that is simplified.   Multiplying Exponents The independent event probability activity is a basic activity where students are given the probability of A and the probability of B.  They are asked to find the probability of A and B.   Independent Event Probability

Dog Man Activities

  The place value activity is a basic activity that was created for a 2nd/3rd grade teacher.  The students are asked for the tenths, hundredths, and thousandths place in order each time with 0 being in the ones place. Place Value Pixel Art In this activity students will be given a set of numbers and have to find the mean, median, and mode for each set.  Some of the sets require students to zoom in to see the numbers better which can be done using ctrl +.   Mean, Median, Mode Pixel Art

Changing Attributes Escape Style

  This activity starts off by asking the students a question.  If the student answers correctly they are advanced to the next question.  If they answer incorrectly, they are presented with a hint.  If they answer incorrectly again, they receive a second hint.  If they answer incorrectly a 3rd time, they receive a final hint.  Each of the hints provides more steps into how to solve the problem.  There is no way for you to track how many hints a student used so this is a good self checking activity for students to complete or you can have them submit their work for each question.  You will need to share with your students in presentation mode, a video is posted below.   Changing Attributes Self Checking

Cinco De Mayo

  Whether it's Cinco De Mayo, Taco Tuesday, or a regular day of year this pixel art is a hit.  I've made a video on how to update it should you want a topic I haven't made.