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Spring Time Activity

  Between the warm weather, sun shining, and spring break approaching the students are ready to get outside.  You may have noticed that this time of year is harder for students to stay focused.  I find that activities help with this focus.  This is one activity which is easy to set up and complete. First, I have students write out the problems from a set on the board.  I show 75-100 problems on the board and they pick 8 to write on their paper.  Yes, you will have some duplicates but this saves times.  I have done a similar activity where I wrote out and cut out all of the problems and it took several days to set up.  Also, have the students cut out the problems and place them in the eggs.  I recommend having a basket or bin in your classroom to collect completed eggs. Next, you hid the eggs the next day for students.  I have clipboards in my room so students can grab a clipboard and we head outside.  They will find and solve 8 eggs.  Once they have completed an egg, they can hide the