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Flexible Seating Review

Flexible seating in the Secondary classroom offers a myriad of benefits for both teachers and students. One option is the yoga ball, which not only encourages better posture but also provides students with the opportunity to engage their core muscles, helping them stay focused during lessons. Wobble stools are another fantastic choice, and the most popular in my class, as they allow students to subtly move while working, promoting active learning and preventing restlessness. Bouncy bands, which attach to the legs of traditional chairs, provide a discreet outlet for excess energy, ensuring that students remain attentive and engaged without causing disruptions to the class. Rocker chairs and podiums are also excellent additions to a flexible classroom. Rocker chairs allow students to shift their weight and find a comfortable position, which can boost concentration and reduce discomfort. Meanwhile, podiums enable students to present their work confidently and encourage standing, which can

Introducing Logic

  If you are looking for a new or different way to introduce logic statements to students, check out the brief video below.