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Pizza Time

  A pizza themed activity was the next food item to make.  This pixel art creates a pizza, bread sticks, hot pepper, and marinara sauce.  Below you will find a template which you can update with your questions and answers.  I have also created a writing equations of a line activity from the template.  If you would like this formatted to a certain topic please email me.  My youtube channel has videos that can help you through the process if you wish to try on your own.  Pizza Pixel Art Template Writing Equations of a Line Pizza Pixel Art

Tacos + Math Activities

                                        The love for tacos is far and wide, I made several activity from my tacos template.  These were all requested activities, if you would like a specific topic from the tacos template send me an  email . If you wan to learn to reformat these activities on your own check out my youtube channel Pi R Scared.  Multiplying Decimals Pixel Art Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers Pixel Art   Adding and Subtracting Fractions Pixel Art Mean, Median, Mode, Range Pixel Art Taco

Taco Tuesday Activity

  I love tacos and you all voted for a taco activity so here it is.  This is a pixel art activity that is currently a template.  You can fill in your questions and answers you need and just update the formatting.  If you aren't sure how to update the formatting check out my you-tube channel.  Taco Template

Pixel Art Activities

    If you are looking for students to practice multiple concepts at once with instant feedback these 2 activities would be great. The first activity hast students write the equation of a line given 2 points.  They start by finding the slope, then the y-intercept, and finally writing the equation.  Each piece along the way will color the picture if they are correct.  I like this instant feedback because my student tend to get frustrated if they do all the work and then when I check it we realize their slope was wrong so they have to start at the beginning again. The second activity is on percent, decimals, and fractions.  This activity requires students to convert between the 3 along with making the fractions mixed numbers.  This is great for middle school classes to practice.  My students tend to struggle with which way to move the decimal so this instant feedback helps them check their answers as they go.   Writing Equations of a Line - Baby Yoda Pixel Art Percent, Decimal, Fraction

Baby Yoda Pixel Art Template

  This template is set for 3 sets of answers.  I have the answers that are currently set, you will need to reformat them to use with your content.   Baby Yoda Pixel Art Template Be on the lookout for this activity given 2 ordered pairs and asking for slope, y-intercept, and the equation of a line.  I'm also formatting this for converting between percents, decimals, and fractions.  If you want to reformat it before I post the above activities here is how. 

Among Us Template

  If you are looking to create an Among Us Pixel Art for you classroom but not sure how this template is set up for 10 questions.  You can add your questions to the questions cell and then update the formatting on the answer cells.  If you aren't sure how to update the formatting check out the video below. Among Us 10 Question Template

Inserting Google Slides Into Google Forms

  When creating an escape room or a self grading activity I like to use Google Slides and Google Forms.  Instead of just a traditional form you can add color, pictures, and images by using Google Slides.  I take a Google Slide and put pictures and questions on the slide then insert it into the form for a little extra color.  A how to video is below.  To start you create a Google Slide the way you would like it.  After it's completed go to file, download, I use png, and it will download to your computer.  Once you have it download you can go to your Google Form.  On the Google Form you will have an image option which you select and then find your file.  After the image I like to put a question that requires several answers to get marked correct for example, ABDA. This mixes up the material from just a straight worksheet or Google Form while self checking for the students.  

Penguin and Wizard Pixel Art

  Pixel art had become really popular with students.  As a teacher it provides instant feedback for students.  It is also easy to grade and see where students have messed up.  My students are enjoying the different pictures and the change in activities.  If you want to learn how to make your own, reformat one that's already made, or format one that's not formatted check out the videos below.  Domain, Range, Is it a Function? Pixel Art Simplifying Fractions Pixel Art Solving Equations Pixel Art    

Hide Images or Links

  Making an activity or escape room with hidden pieces can add to the excitement.  I like to hide them so the students have to explore the slide and not just click right away without looking further into what’s on the slide. A brief video on how to is below. There are 2 ways that I hide an image.  If you have multiple links you want the student to click on you can insert a shape where you want to hide the link. You will click on the paint can and make it transparent and click on the pen beside it and make it transparent this will make the shape “disappear” but still be there. Next, click on the link icon and insert the link.  When students click on the shape the link will appear. The second way is to make the image a background. To do this I make the slide exactly the way I want then click file, download, png. I insert a new slide, select background, choose image, and choose the picture you just downloaded.  I like this way better if I don’t want the students rearranging items on the s

Drag and Drop - Equivalent Practice

  This drag and drop has students work with decimals, fractions, percents, and scientific notation to determine which are equivalent to the big penguin.  This is a drag and drop activity so students will move the penguins onto one of the ponds to represent their answer.  I put an additional one after the directions to complete together to ensure students understand.  Penguin Equivalent vs Not Drag and Drop If you want to learn to link math and images you can check out the video below. 

Among Us, Trust No One Gimkit Update

  My students are still in love with this mode however some changes were made.  A few of my students expressed frustration as they played it yesterday because the game was updated.  I learned by updated they meant, they can’t fly through the game picking random answers because it now takes away points.  Before, students could just pick random answers when playing without penalty which is how some where getting a lot of points super fast.  My students who always show their work had no problem with the update and were not affected by it.  Gimkit also shared that they will be releasing older themes.  If you sign into your account they have the announcement pop up.

Equations Drag and Drop

  We are starting our review for the State Standards of Learning  (SOL) test here and solving equations is a big piece of the test.  I like to mix up the activities to keep the review interesting.  This is a penguin drag and drop.  The students will solve the problems and then drag the penguin with the answer onto the ice that it matches. Solving Equations Penguins Drag and Drop

Desmos Activities

  Teacher desmos is a wonderful resource to build activities for students.  We are currently learning about quadratics so I made a video on how to create a quadratic activity.  The activity itself can be found in teacher desmos by searching for my name or the Quadratic Curve of Best Fit. Desmos has many other real time and cool activities such as marble slides.  In a marble slide students create a graph to hit all the stars.  As a teacher you see each students screen as they work, can pause to discuss, and can present students screens.  

Compare and Order Numbers Winter Theme

  This is a very difficult topic for our students so I made an activity which uses the most common numbers for them to practice  This activity has students compare and order numbers that are on penguins. The students are presented with decimals, fractions, mixed numbers, scientific notation, and percents to put in order from greatest to least or least to greatest. Once they know the order they slide the penguins onto the ice in the correct order. Compare and Order Numbers Penguin Theme

Characteristics of Quadratics

  We are currently learning quadratics and my students requested a Christmas tree activity so I made a pixel art one for them.  I hope your students enjoy. Characteristics of Quadratics - Pixel Art This activity has students find the x-intercept(s), y-intercepts, and vertex of different quadratics. As students enter the information, colors appear. When they are done the students will have a picture. This is a Christmas themed pictured. 

Pixel Art with Math Problems

    A pixel art activity provides instant feedback and some excitement.  My students enjoy doing these because they can see right away if they are doing the work correct and they also like to race to figure out the picture first.    Integer Operations Add/Subtract Pixel Art This is an online activity where students complete addition and subtraction of integers. The students will input their answer in the table and a color will appear if they are correct. When the students are finished they will have a picture.   Distribute Equations Pixel Art This in an online activity that has students solve equations with the distributive property. Several of the equations also require knowledge of combining like terms after distributing. Students solve the problem and type the answer in the table, if they are correct a color will appear. When the table is filled they will have a picture. One Step Equations Pixel Art This activity is done online in Google Sheets. The students solve each equatio

Fireplace Quadratics

  It's winter time and we are graphing quadratics so I wanted to make an activity that would be different but fun.   This drag and drop style activity has students look at characteristics of quadratics. The students are given a quadratic in y= and must find the domain, range, vertex, x-intercept(s), and y-intercepts. They drag the stocking onto its holder above the fireplace. Two of the problems require the students to use the quadratic formula to get the x-intercepts. Fireplace Characteristics of Quadratics

Winter Themed Activities

  Winter may not be here yet but it sure is cold.  Grab one of these winter weathered themed activities.      Solving Inequalities Santa Hat This activity is similar to a walk around but is all digital. Students start at the Santa Hat labeled #1 and solve problems based on their previous answer. After solving the problems, they submit their answer order which the Google Form will self grade and a picture/document of their work. Ordering Numbers Snowball Fight This activity is completed on a Google Form. Students are presented with snowballs that are decimals, fractions, mixed numbers, in scientific notation or percents and must type them in order to advance. The only way to advance in the snowball fight is to get the answer correct. There are 5 questions. Factoring Hot Chocolate Activity This activity has students factor equations on hot chocolate mugs. The students select the marshmallows that represent the zeros. This is completed on a Google Form and will automatically grade for y

Snowflake Click About Activities

    The chance of snow always gets people excited so why not practice math with these snowflake activities.  Solving Inequalities Solving Equations

Polynomial Activities

  If you are looking for some polynomial activities try these out.   Adding and Subtracting Polynomials Bingo Multiplying Binomials Color By Answer Factoring Bingo

Gimkit Update

  Gimkit recently added this new feature and my students went crazy.  We played this yesterday on Factoring and several things occurred. The kids were engaged and talking to each other. They were working together to figure out who was an impostor. They worked on factoring equations for an hour and then begged to play again when it ended. This new way to play really brought out additional skills from students.  The students had to discuss their findings with each other to piece together all the clues.  They helped each other out with the math for the good of the group.  I heard from some parents that their kids talked about math class all night and how much fun it was today.  If you haven't tried it I highly suggest it.  

Activities Request

  Are you tired of searching for just the right activity or don't have time to make it yourself?   Let me help.  I'm taking request for activities that people would like to use in their classroom. The average turn around time is 3-5 days from request to receiving the activity.   Please fill out the form below for each activity you would like.  Custom Activity Request Form

Giving Tuesday

  For Giving Tuesday this year, I want to give away $45 towards a DonorsChoose project.  If you have a current project I can put the money on your project.  If you don’t have a project I will send you the code to use.  To be enter share my Facebook post or retweet my tweet about the contest.  The contest will end at 5pm EST.