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Showing posts from February, 2022

Perfect Squares with a Pop It

  This is a great way to incorporate pop it’s and math for your visual learners.  In this video, I show how we did perfect squares for those who struggled to memorize them.

Game to Practice Addition

  I wanted to share some games and activities that can be done at home to incorporate math at home.  This is the first activity which focuses on addition. 

March Themed Backgrounds and Task Cards

  This template has 5 different backgrounds.  In the picture you can see 4 of the backgrounds.  The backgrounds are set up to be full background slides or task cards. March Themed Backgrounds

Undelete Files in Canvas

  This is a quick video on how to get files back that you have deleted in Canvas. 

Valentine's Task Cards Template

 This is a template with boxes for the questions and envelopes for the answers.  There are 26 boxes and envelopes included plus a blank in case you want or need to make more.   Task Card Template

Smiley Face to Heart

  This is a template which you can add your questions and answers to. A video is included to show how to update the template; I also posted it below. You do not have to update formulas or formatting, you will input the answers to your questions on sheet 2 and the picture will automatically update. Changing Pixel Art

Igloo to Penguin Pixel Art

 In this activity the picture will change from the igloo to the penguin.  A video on how to update the template to use in your classroom is posted below. Changing Pixel Art Template