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Radical Task Cards

  In this activity students will see both positive and negative radicals.  We cover perfect radicals from 1-20 so they radicals are all in that range.  This can be done online or printed. Perfect Radicals Task Cards

Two Step Word Problems

  In this activity students will have to solve 10 different word problems.  They must solve them in order for the puzzle to reveal.  The answer boxes will change from red to green when they answer the question correctly no matter the order.   Two Step Word Problem Equations

One Step Equation Word Problems

  In this activity, students will be solving one step equations word problems to reveal the picture shown.  The students will need to use a dollar sign($) when the question involves money.  They must solve the questions in order for the puzzle to reveal.   The answer boxes change from red to green when an answer in correct no matter the order.   One Step Word Problems Puzzle Reveal

Beautiful Wolf Puzzle

  In this activity students will convert fractions to decimals.  The students may need to round to the thousandths place for some decimals.   The wolf template is a 10 question template which is easy to update with your content.  Check out the video below for more info.  Fraction to Decimal Puzzle Reveal Wolf Template Puzzle Reveal

Dinosaur Puzzles

  In this activity students will convert 10 different decimals into fractions. The students must simplify the fraction. As they input correct answers, the answer box will change from red to green. This is a puzzle reveal, they must answer the questions in order for the puzzle to reveal each step along the way. The dinosaur template is set for you to add you 10 questions. A video is below on how to update a template, templates are an easy and quick way(about 5 minutes) to make an interactive activity. Decimals to Fraction Puzzle Dinosaur Puzzle Template

Learn to Create a Puzzle Reveal

  This video I will walk you through how to create your own puzzle reveal.  There are lots of online websites students or you can use to color a picture.  Also, at the end I suggest hiding your work on sheet 2 by selecting it all and coloring the text white.  I also like to hide the sheet for extra precaution.  

Consecutive Interior Puzzle

  In this activity students will solve 10 different consecutive angles questions.  They will be given a set of parallel lines and have to solve for x.  If they solve the question correctly, the box will turn from red to green and part of the puzzle will reveal.  The questions have to be done in order for the puzzle to reveal.  The picture is large so students will need to scroll to see all of the questions and the picture.   Consecutive Interior Angles Puzzle

Adding and Subtracting Polynomials Task Cards

  This activity has 20 task cards for students to practice adding and subtracting polynomials.  This activity is meant to be printed out and done in partners or groups.  When I use task cards, I like to print and laminate them.   Adding and Subtracting Polynomial Task Cards

Triangles and Distance Formula

  This distance formula pixel art is themed for the end of the school year. Students will be finding the distance between 2 points and rounding to the tenth place. When they input a correct answer, part of the puzzle will reveal. If they input an incorrect answer, nothing will happen. This is a pixel art activity where students will be using their knowledge of angles in a triangle to solve for x. This is a basic level activity as only one angle is missing. To best see the problems the students will want to zoom in(ctrl +) and then zoom out (ctrl -) to see the picture. When the student solves the problem they will input their answer as 8 or -4, just the number part not x=. If they are correct, part of the picture will appear. Distance Formula Pixel Art Sum in a Triangle Pixel Art