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Penny Activities

  This activity includes 4 different practices with pennies. The first activity has students count the number of pennies and write the amount. The second activity has students match the number of pennies in the group to the amount of cents by drawing a line. The third activity has students color the number of pennies in each box to amount the cents they are given. The final activity has students complete a pattern. Penny Activities

Blooket Game

  A week ago my students kept asking to play Blooket so I looked into it.  Blooket is much like Kahoot and Gimkit but they earn money.  Blooket has several different game modes and the students LOVE IT.  Once a student has been eliminated they will keep playing to earn more gold which they can use to buy rare items.  Each week Blooket has a theme and those rare items can be bought for the week and then they are gone; the items include accessories or special characters they can play as.  My students will play for hours if we let them.  When we finish a game they are ready for another round.  Blooket has a FREE version which has been enough for my class but you can also upgrade to a paid version.  They have games that are already made or you can create a new game.   My students love the battle royale mode and the gold quest the best.  If you haven't given it a try I would highly suggest it.  

One Digit Multiplication

  This is a single digit multiplication pixel art.  This was a teacher request for her 3rd and 4th grade students.  The answer cell turns green if they are correct and part of the picture will appear.  Answer boxes that remain red and incorrect answers.  One Digit by One Digit Multiplication

Adding up to 10

  This is an elementary activity that has students practice adding up to 10.  The pink circles can be dragged into the boxes to help them count how many they need.  The blank is a text so they are able to type in front of the line. Adding to 10 Drag and Drop

Distance Pixel Art

  In this activity student's must find the distance between 2 points.  The answer cells start out red and turn to green when students input the correct answer.  The picture will also color as students input correct answers.  Before sharing with students make sure to delete the answers. Distance Formula Pixel Art 

Protractor Activity

This activity has 2 parts that has students work with protractors.  The first part the students may need to zoom in (ctrl +) and zoom out (ctrl -) to best see the protractor.  They will look at the protractor and read the angle measurement and then type it in the box.  The second part of the activity the students will draw their own.  The directions for how to draw them if completing online is on the slides.  A paper copy of each set is listed after the digital copy.   Protractor Activity  

Easter Egg Basket

This area/perimeter activity was a request for a 3rd/4th grade classroom so it is a basic find the area or find the perimeter activity.  The formulas are not listed on the pixel art but the questions include the images.  The cells turn red if they are incorrect and green for correct answers.  The final picture is the Easter Egg basket listed above.  This template has more formulas than my usual template.  You will need to make adjustments to sheet 2 and the conditional formatting in the picture on sheet 1.  Below is youtube on how to adjust sheet 2.  My youtube channel also has videos on how to reformat a not equal to (<>) picture if you are new to pixel art.  Easter Basket Pixel Art Template Area/Perimeter of a Rectangle Pixel Art

Slope from a Graph Pixel Art

  In this activity, students are given a graph with 10 points.  Each question ask the students to find the slope between 2 of the points on the graph.  The answer cells start at red and turn green if the answer they input is correct.  Students must simplify the fractions if necessary, for example 2/6=1/3.  If a slope is negative the student must put the negative sign at the front from their answer, for example 4/-8= -1/2.  The answers are hidden in sheet two.  To view the answers click, view, hidden sheets. The sheet will appear black but if you select the entire sheet by clicking the box between the 1 and the A and changing the font to black the answers will show.   Spring Slope Pixel Art

Writing Equations Task Cards

  In this activity students will be given task cards with graphs on them. The graphs include equations that have positive slopes, negative slopes, undefined slope, and zero slope. Number 10 will be a challenge as the graph is on the y-axis. The answer key is included along with a table for students to show their work. Writing Equations from Graphs

Secant and Tangent Task Cards

  These task cards involve secant and tangent angles on circles.  The students will use their knowledge of secants and tangents to solve 20 questions.  They will be solving for x on each of the problems and showing their work in the answer boxes.  Secant and Tangent Task Cards

Slope Puzzle Reveal

In this activity students will find the slope given 2 points.  This is a puzzle reveal that must be done in order for the puzzle to show.  However, the answer cells will turn green if the student is correct but doing the puzzle out of order.  If completed in order 2 pieces will reveal with each answer.  If done out of order, the whole puzzle will show when they are done.  The answer cells remain red for answers that are incorrect.  This makes it easy for the teacher to see which problem(s) the student needs to correct.  Slope from 2 Points 


  In this activity students will progress in finding slope.  The marshmallow pictures has students find slope from 2 points.  The graham cracker picture ask for slope from an equation in slope intercept form.  The chocolate picture has them find slope from a graph of a line.  The line has two points marked on it.  The final picture with the s'more together has students find the slope given an equation in standard form.  There are 3 questions for each picture.   Slope Pixel Art

S'mores Pixel Art Template

  This is my first pixel art activity that is set up like this and I'm excited.  In this activity students create 4 different pictures by solving problems.  This style of pixel art is going to be great for progressive activities.  I can put a different skill with each picture and quickly access where they are having problems.  This is a template meaning it is formatted to the certain numbers and will need to be changed based on your answers.   S'mores Pixel Art Template

Pi Day Puzzle Reveals

  These activities are made for pi day.  These are puzzle reveal activities which means they will show one piece at a time.  The first puzzle is a dot plot.  The students will have to find the median and the mean for each set of data.  The second ask students for angles inscribed in a circle.  The final activity is a template where you would add your own questions. Dot Plot Puzzle Reveal Inscribed Angles Puzzle Reveal Pi Day Puzzle Reveal

Inequalities Puzzle Reveal

  This is a puzzle reveal which students practice inequalities that involve like terms, the distributive property, variables on both sides, and knowing how to flip the sign when multiplying or dividing by negatives.  The students must solve the problems in order for the puzzle to show.  When they answer correctly a piece of the puzzle will show, if they are incorrect nothing will happen.   Inequalities Puzzle Reveal

Translating Words

  This activity includes 4 different mazes that can be done online or printed. There is a maze for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The mazes are very simple and easy. I use this with my 8th graders as an introduction to other words. The maze basically walks them through it with few places to make decisions, its more of a guided maze.  Translating Mazes Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Addition and Subtraction Pixel Art

  The Single Digit Subtraction Pixel Art is an activity for students to practice basic subtraction of the number 0-9.  This is a 10 question activity and makes the picture seen above.  The addition and subtraction pixel art involves the number 0-20.  There are problems that require students to regroup.     Single Digit Subtraction Pixel Art Addition and Subtraction Pixel Art

Pi Day Pixel Art

    The 1st Pixel Art activity focuses on students finding the circumference of a circle given the radius or the diameter. This activity was made for Pi Day but could be used any time. This is a basic level activity. The 2nd pixel art activity focuses on students finding the area of a circle given the radius or the diameter. This activity was made for Pi Day but could be used any time. This is a basic level activity. Circumference of a Circle Pixel Art Area of a Circle Pixel Art Pi Day Pixel Art Template

Multi-step Inequalities

  This activity has students solve a multi-step inequality questions.  Most of the questions involve the distribute property with some also including combining like terms.  After solving the students will graph their answer on a number line by dragging and dropping a circle(open or closed) and the arrow.  Finally, the students will drag a circle around numbers that are represented in the solution.  The activity does include problems that will require the students to flip the inequality sign due to dividing or multiplying by a negative.  Solving Multi-Step Inequalities Drag and Drop

Multiplication Practice

                                These are basic multiplication practices. The star practice has a slide for each number.  The students practice the multiplication and then move the star to check their answer.  The Pac Man Multiplication Practice is more of an escape room type practice.  The students click on the answer and pac man moves, if they are correct he will remain safe, if they are in correct the math cost will eat him. Multiplication Practice #0-12 Pac Man Multiplication Practice