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Writing the Equation of a Line

This is a part of a set of task cards for writing the equation of a line.  This was made for Math 7 students and advanced Math 6 students.  The y-intercept is 0 for each of the tables.  Writing the Equation of a Line From a Table  

Favorite Slide Sites

  As teachers we are constantly creating presentations and to keep students engaged we have to mix up the layout and images often.  I found this to be time consuming but these 3 sites make it easy to quickly adapt a lesson and make it look nice.  

Custom Number Lines

  Finding the perfect number for your examples or worksheets can be hard a times but I've found this website that let's you custom make the number lines.  This is my favorite site because you can decide the size of the number and the increments that it counts in.  This is my favorite number line site:

Student Checklist/ To Do List

  I've found that making check list and to do list for students daily was a challenge for me.  Typically, my coteacher would make the list but Google Sheets has made this easier.  This not only works great for students who have the accommodation but it also works well for students who need help staying on track, refocusing, or reminders to take brain breaks to help improve their focus.  The video below shows how you can quickly make these list and they can be shared digitally with students or printed.  The digital copy is nice for parents to be able to see what was completed each day in the classroom and what is left to complete.  

CL Desmos for Multiple Choice Questions

 I've started using teacher Desmos activities to help create small groups, self checking activities, and for instant feedback.  I'm currently using it as we review for our next benchmark/district test.  One part you can add is feedback for students.  I like using this part because I want them to know right away whether they are right or wrong.   This helps students ask questions and not go thinking they are doing it right to find out at the end.  

CL Desmos for Feedback

  Teacher Desmos is a great way to engage students and provide a different way for students to practice.  You can add some information into the computational layer of desmos to see check or x marks on the teacher dashboard. You can also add a note to provide students feedback on whether they are correct or incorrect.  As we review for a test, I'm using this for students to know whether they are correct or incorrect and then asking them to explain their answer.  Yes, students can change their answer but I'm not grading it, I'm using it as a review. For my classes, students knowing if they are correct or incorrect leads to more questions during the practice and better discussions about the work. 

Tracking Accommodations

  As many schools begin Semester 2 tomorrow, I wanted to share about Google Sheets and the checkbox option.  This is a really easy way to track accommodations for students.  When meetings are held and accommodations change, it takes just 1 click to add or take away an accommodation.  The video below shows how.  The names shown are not real student names.