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Pie Puzzle Template

  This activity is a puzzle style activity where pieces appear for each correct answer.  It is formatted different than my other activities.  A video on how to update it is posted below. Pie Puzzle Template

Cornucopia Pixel Art Template

  This is a pixel art template which starts out all black and slowly changes to the cornucopia picture.  Each time a student inputs a correct answer, the answer box will turn green.  Before using, you will need to add your questions, answers, and update the answer key.  You don't need to update any formulas or conditional formatting, it will automatically update when you change the answer key.  Here's a quick video below on how to update it.  Cornucopia Template

Happy Thanksgiving Pixel Art

  This is a pixel art template that you can update for your classroom needs.  This template is set up with the indirect formula which means no updating formula or reformatting needed. A video with directions is included on it.  When you update the answer key on Sheet 5, the pixel art will automatically respond.  The answer boxes turn green when a correct answer is input. Happy Thanksgiving Template

Low Risk Activity

  In the beginning of the school year I like to have a large amount of low risk activities in my class.  During these activities, I only point out what they did correctly or what I appreciate.  For example, I often ask to use a students work to show the class.  I take volunteers so that no one is forced to share.  A student who never volunteers did so of course I took their work.   The sheet was blank.   I could have easily asked for another students sheet or asked why they volunteered when nothing had been done but that deters from what I've been working on building.  I took the students sheet and asked if they minded that I write on it.  After we discussed the activity with the class, I thanked the student for letting me use their paper.  Each time a student takes a risk and lets me use their paper, I contact home and thank them for their willingness to share even when an activity or practice was hard.  I enjoy using low risk activities in my class daily to build students confide

Canva Infographics

  The Infographics Templates are a great way to do get to know me activities with students or SEL activities.  I like using them with my semester classes so I can get to know the new students.  When using them mid-year with my full year classes, I ask the students to share more about themselves.  This year,  I asked the students to put their favorite quote, something they are thankful for, and a goal.  The templates are really helpful in already creating a layout for the students and then letting them edit it the way they like.  

Canva - Combine 2 Videos

  We are currently work in Canva in my classroom.  Canva has a simple way for you to combine to videos.  My students prefer to use Canva to make the videos over other options.  Here's how to quickly combine two videos.

Creating Student Work Videos with Canva

  We are currently learning about solving equations.  My students are working in groups to solve a set of problems and each student is responsible for one part.  This leads to multiple videos/presentations being created.  This is how they can quickly combine their individual videos to make 1 group presentation video.