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Low Risk Activity


In the beginning of the school year I like to have a large amount of low risk activities in my class.  During these activities, I only point out what they did correctly or what I appreciate.  For example, I often ask to use a students work to show the class.  I take volunteers so that no one is forced to share.  A student who never volunteers did so of course I took their work.   The sheet was blank.  

I could have easily asked for another students sheet or asked why they volunteered when nothing had been done but that deters from what I've been working on building.  I took the students sheet and asked if they minded that I write on it.  After we discussed the activity with the class, I thanked the student for letting me use their paper.  Each time a student takes a risk and lets me use their paper, I contact home and thank them for their willingness to share even when an activity or practice was hard. 

I enjoy using low risk activities in my class daily to build students confidence.  The key is to focus on the positive the student(s) has done and verbally let them know.  The follow up praise to the parents/guardians also helps build in that confidence. 


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