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Puzzle Templates

  These are puzzle templates.  The flower template is both in puzzle form and in a Google Form.  You will just need to add your questions and make it response validation.  The Pi day puzzle is just a puzzle and can be put into a Google Sheets reveal or a Google Form. Flower Puzzle Template Flower Puzzle Google Form Pi Day Puzzle 

Triangle Congruence Puzzle

  This activity has students practice Triangle Congruence. The activity includes SSS, SAS, ASA, AAS, HL, and not enough information.  As students correctly identify the congruence, a piece of the picture will reveal.  After completing the entire picture, a puzzle of Fire Mario will show.  Students will not be able to advance without correct answers. Triangle Congruence Puzzle Reveal

March Pixel Art

  These are pixel art activity that are best for St. Patrick's Day.  The March Template is set to numbers 1-10 so that you can add your own questions.  The Distance Formula activity has students find the distance between 2 points and round to the nearest tenths when necessary.  The coordinate plane activity has students state the ordered pair for 10 different points on a coordinate plane.  When students input correct answers the picture will color.   Distance Formula Pixel Art Coordinate Plane Pixel Art March Pixel Art Template

Pythagorean Theorem Toss

  In this activity students will be "throwing" a Frisbee.  They will find the value of the missing side and click on the answer.  If they are correct, then it will fly across the missing side.  If they are incorrect, it will fly off of the screen and they will have to try it again. Pythagorean Theorem Toss

4 in a Row - Fraction to Percent

  This is a partner activity that can be played online or printed.  I would use breakout rooms for this activity.  The students answer questions to try and get 4 in a row.  A board with pieces in one of the slides for the students, the same tic tac toe rules apply.  The pieces can't be "floating" they have to drag their piece down as far as possible in a column.    Four in a Row Fraction to Percent

Digital Walkabouts

    Digital Walkabouts let the students do a self checking activity but with a little twist.  If you want to add a physical piece to the activity consider having the students do jumping jacks, push-ups, or another activity after each question.  It sounds silly but the movement gives them a chance to get out of their seats and from my experience they enjoy it.  My students learned ascending and descending by practicing walking(most were running) up and down the stairs or standing up and sitting down if they didn't have stairs.   Order of Operations Walkabout Combine Like Terms with Distributive Property Walkabout

Graphing on a Number Line

This activity has students practice graphing on a number line.  Students will be graphing positive numbers, negative numbers, and decimals. Graphing on a Number Line  

Distributive Bingo

  Bingo is always a fun way to practice math while playing a game. This activity includes a digital copy to be completed online or a paper copy if you wish to print.  I use this as a self paced bingo, which means that I give the students the board and the pattern and they work through it on their own.  After completing the pattern they submit it and all the submissions with correct answers get their name on the wheelofnames to determine a winner.  This takes the pressure off of your slower paced workers and allows your fast paced letters to work and not pressure their peers.  Distributive Property Bingo

Two Step Equation Task Cards

  As we prepare to return to a hybrid model I felt that task cards would be great to work on.  I plan to laminate my sets for easy cleaning.  Two Step Equations Task Cards

Baby Shark doo doo doo doo...Pixel Art doo doo doo

    These are all pixel art activities that make Baby Shark. The Google Sheet will take a few minutes to load due to the size.  Before sharing with your students you will want to delete the answers.  The template at the bottom is formatted to 1 and you can use to add your own questions.  One Step Equations Pixel Art Baby Shark One digit by one digit Multiplication Practical Problems on Tax, Discount, Mark-up Baby Shark Baby Shark Pixel Art Template

Dragonfly Puzzle Reveal

    This dragonfly was a student inspiration that I made into a puzzle.  My students have fallen in love with coloring or making pictures and sending them to me.  A puzzle reveal is one way to use their work into an activity. Multiplication Practice #1-12 Puzzle Reveal Color Recognition Puzzle Reveal Quadrilateral Angles Puzzle Reveal Distribute and Combine Like Terms Puzzle Reveal

Evaluate Expressions

  In this activity students will be "rolling" a  number cube to find their values.  The cube only has positive numbers from 1-6.  After they roll they will use the number they rolled to fill in and simplify each expression.  This activity can be done digitally or printed.   Evaluate Expressions with Number Cube

Mario & Math

  One of my students is in love with Fire Mario, anytime we do an activity he ask if he will be in the activity.  I made this activity specifically for that student.  In this activity students will Evaluate Expressions on a Google Form.  The form is set so that they can't proceed without a correct answer.  Each time they enter a correct answer another piece of the puzzle will be shown.  At the end they have Mario. Evaluating Expressions

Systems of Equations

  This is a systems of equations drag and drop which has students solve 3 systems per slide. On each slide there are 4 different answer choices to ensure they solve each question. In total the activity has 15 systems for them to solve. This is Valentine's Themed but could be used anytime in your classroom. Systems of Equations Drag and Drop

Puzzles and Math

    I have fallen in love with Pixel Art but wanted to mix it up some with puzzles.  This is a template that you just add your picture to the background and can make into a Google Form or a Spreadsheet.  In the videos below I show how to do both of them.  I also made 2 activities for it.  The Pythagorean Theorem Activity has sides find the missing side on a triangle. The students are given a picture.  The Parallel Lines activity has students solve for x. Before sharing with students make sure to hide sheet 2.  You can hide it by right clicking on it and changing it to hide.  Pythagorean Theorem Puzzle Reveal Parallel Lines Puzzle Reveal 12 Question Template

Slope Walk About

  In this activity, students will practice finding slope from 2 points.  This is similar to a walk about but it is all digital leading them back to the answer slide each time.  At the end I like to use a google form for them to submit their work. Slope Digital Walkabout

Valentine's Pixel Art

            One Step Equations Valentine's Tree Multiplying Decimals Dividing Decimals   Order of Operations Distribute Property Comparing %, a/b, and Decimals  Elementary Comparing Numbers Adding with Regrouping Pixel Art Adding without Regrouping Pixel Art Solving Inequalities Pixel Art

Order of Operations-Color by Number

  In this activity the students complete 10 questions on order of operations.  When a correct answer is input, the picture will add color, if the answer is incorrect nothing will change.  The problems must be done in order for the picture to color.   Order of Operations Pixel Art

Valentine's Estimate Practice

This estimate pixel art is great for anytime of the year but especially Valentine's.   The students will have to round to the nearest whole number for both positive and negative radicals.   Radicals Estimation Pixel Art  

Radicals Estimation

  This estimation activity has student type in their answers.  They are asked to round the nearest whole number when estimating.  After they fill in their blanks, they drag and drop the arrow where it belongs on the number line.  The first 10 questions are positive radicals and the last 10 questions are negative radicals.  I'm using this activity to lead into comparing and ordering numbers that involve radicals. Radicals Estimation

Literal Equations Bingo

  Literal Equations are challenging so let's have some fun with them.  This is a drag and drop style bingo with additional answers to ensure they are solving the problems.  You can play as a class or play a self paced version.  When we played, I spun the wheelofnames to determine the pattern and then each student shared their board with me. Literal Equations Bingo