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Making an activity or escape room with hidden pieces can add to the excitement.  I like to hide them so the students have to explore the slide and not just click right away without looking further into what’s on the slide. A brief video on how to is below.

There are 2 ways that I hide an image.  If you have multiple links you want the student to click on you can insert a shape where you want to hide the link. You will click on the paint can and make it transparent and click on the pen beside it and make it transparent this will make the shape “disappear” but still be there. Next, click on the link icon and insert the link.  When students click on the shape the link will appear.

The second way is to make the image a background. To do this I make the slide exactly the way I want then click file, download, png. I insert a new slide, select background, choose image, and choose the picture you just downloaded.  I like this way better if I don’t want the students rearranging items on the slide. After this you will insert a shape, fill(paint can) transparent, border(pen) transparent. Once it is transparent click on link and put the link on it.  This will make the shape invisible but when they click on it, the link will appear



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