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Exit Ticket


I’ve always struggled with finding the time to give an exit ticket in class.  On the days I did give them, I didn’t have the time to review them or adjust my instruction for the next day.  This year I started something new as my exit ticket and it’s working.  I am doing two different styles of exit tickets.

The first exit ticket is a ranking one.  The students tell me how well they understand the lesson.  They also provide more information to what they need.  I’ve found that they are accurate most of the time in their answers and then I can provide the support they need.  Most students ask for extra examples the next day, some students ask for tutoring, and others say they will work through the online practice.  We tell students to advocate for themselves but are we teaching them how. This is a small step in teaching them how to advocate.  These are quick for me to check, I see who put low numbers and can adjust based on what they would need.

The second exit ticket is a planning one.  Often times we say middle schoolers need help with planning, tracking assignments, and keeping up with work.  On weeks that are very busy, the exit ticket is to provide me their plan for the week. As they work on their plan I give feedback and share some great ideas other students have shared. As we go through the week it changes slightly to how well is your plan working.  In the beginning they need more structure to build good plans that will help them be successful. These are easy and quick to check.  This is another way to teach the students to advocate for themselves.  As they make their plan and follow it, you can teach them to speak up when they need help or extra time. This is also a great way to avoid the question, “Did I miss anything important when I was out?”  

If you are struggling with exit tickets like I did for years, I suggest giving this a try. 


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