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Langley Grant Update


I shared about this grant in the fall.  This year Langley Federal Credit Union decided to fund ALL 75 grant request they received.  This is huge is so many ways, as a teacher it means that I can do activities in my classroom while meeting all the COVID protocols and not spend my planning period cleaning all the supplies to be ready for my next class.  In our district no supplies may be shared unless they are sanitized between use.  Through the grant I was able to get a set of the following supplies for each of my students.

I also have a student of the month award for each of my classes.  This year my students have been doing awesome with virtual learning so I have been giving out 3 awards each class period each month which has quickly eaten up my supplies.  They also provided more Mini Trophies to give out to my students. 

If you are interested in learning more about grants, applying for grants, or need help writing a grant, let me know, I will gladly assist you. 


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