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Invigorate Classwork with a Voice and Choice Board (using Google Forms)

Simplify the juggling of multiple activities and different paces of students by using a voice and choice board.

A voice and choice board starts by asking a question. Students who answer correctly are sent to the voice and choice board where they have the freedom to choose what activity they complete.  The students love being in control of their assignments.  They are excited to do the work because they picked it.  I've found that I may be met with added enthusiasm if I put a regular worksheet or activity on this board instead of on its own.

For the students who get the first question wrong, they are sent to a remediation video.  After watching this video, the students get a second chance.  All of the students who get it correct are sent to the voice and board.  Students who get it incorrect are sent to the teacher for help.  This method quickly gets you the students who are in need of the most help in a small group setting.  

The beauty of the choice board is no more juggling different papers or stopping when a student needs the next activity; it's all there.  You can also do a paper version but I suggest you have a table or desk in your room for all the activity printouts.  You can put in the directions on the form where to pick the copy up. 

Learn how to make your own with the below video or you can use my existing voice and choice board template

I hope you find these as helpful as I have in my classroom.  



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