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Drag and Drop Activities (or Cut and Paste) using Google Slides


Engaging yet guided activities such as a drag and drop allow students to work at their own pace but not become overwhelmed.

Domain and range is a topic that is often difficult for students to grasp and the last thing I want is a free response form where they aren't getting quick feedback.  A drag and drop activity is a great way for them to check their understanding.  When using a drag and drop activity the students have a limited number of answer choices and thus if their answer is not there, they must seek help or rework the problem.  

As a teacher a drag and drop is a quick check they can share their response with you and you can look over it quickly and discuss any changes that need to be made.

In the classroom, I would print this on 2 slides per page and have them complete it as a cut and paste.  The benefits of using 2 slides per page reduces the amount of paper needed but also limits their choices for each question.  

Drag and drops are easier to make than they appear.  I've already made several drag and drop activities you are welcome to use in your classroom: slope, zeros and intercepts, and domain, range, is it a function.

If you want to make your own check out the video below. 


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