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Free Equations Activities



I love having my students work on activities and games instead of a traditional worksheet.  Creating or finding just the right activity to fit what I'm looking for can be a challenge.  I started making activities that my students enjoy and that allow me to pull students away for small group help.  

These resources are all free to use in your classroom.  

    A walk around is a great activity to get the students up and about while allowing them to check their own work.  By using a walk around, students can work at their own pace, be out of their seats, and check their work.  They each start at a different problem, once working out the equation, they find their solution on another paper and complete that problem.  The students complete the problems until they end up back at their original problem.  Here is a One Step Equations Walk Around.  

    A maze is a self paced activity where students move along based on their answer.  This Two Step Equations Maze can be done online by sharing the Google Slides with your students or can be printed to be completed on paper.  Here is a video on how to make your own maze.  

    About two years ago escape rooms became very popular in schools; more recently digital escape rooms.  There are different types of escape rooms which allow you to keep them fresh and exciting for the students.  Here is a post on two different types of escape rooms that you can make for free.  I've done two escape rooms with my students so far this year. Here is a Distribute Equations Escape Room  which I made in Google Forms.  When sharing the escape room with your students make sure you put it in presentation mode without the navigation arrows, if you leave the arrows they can just click through.  Here's a quick tutorial on how to put it in presentation mode without the navigation bar.  


    Task cards are a great partner or group work activity for students.  While virtual you can share the slides with the students and have them work in break out rooms together.  I suggest having them submit their answers by using a google form.  Here are task cards on solving combine like terms equations and variables on both sides equations.  

    Self paced bingo has become a popular game this year.  I first used self paced bingo with a mix of different type of equations.  Students submit their work within 24 hours of us starting the game and then we spin a wheel with all the bingo winners to see who gets the prize.  You can learn more about self paced bingo here

         I hope you find these free resources helpful.  Check back often as more resources are being added regularly.  


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