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Free Online Whiteboard, see ALL students work

It's been a struggle to see what each student is doing virtually in live time but was a game changer.  

Start by clicking new class and then select the settings that you prefer.  I share the link with my students in the chat for them to click on instead of typing in the information.  

To start click toggle my whiteboard and write your problem or insert your picture.  You can add a coordinate grid to your problem if you want.  Once you have the problem the way you want click push and select how you want it to go to students, I do push page.  This will appear on students screens.  Once the students have it you can watch their work in live time as they write on their whiteboards.

The picture above is from my class working on writing equations of a line.  This was incredibly helpful to me because I could see where each student was in the process and their thought process.  Some students pulled up the graph paper and graphed the points to find the slope while others were using the formula.  Some of the screens were blank, which gave me the students that I needed to check in on.  I learned that most the blank screen students were doing the work on paper and then they wrote their final answer on the screen.  Students who often won't ask for help wrote help on their screens so I knew to talk to them.  

This has been very helpful in my classroom hopefully, you will have the same experience.  


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