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Digital Walkabouts Template


The walkabouts or walk arounds are one of my favorite classroom activities.  I love having students up and working, it also provides a nice visual of who is struggling.  These digital walkabouts are similar but are done on the computer and a click about is probably a better name for them. A template is below with instructions on how to add your content.  If you want one that's already made you can find those here

To create one you pick a shape for your answer cards and create the amount of cards that you want.  I typically create 15-20 questions depending on the answers.  For example, order of operations answers are smaller than combine like terms answers so I would have more order of operations cards.  Once you have all of your answer cards you will need to put the answers on them in a random order, I use the equatio extension to do this.  Next create a question slide, on this slide you will want a shape or image that links back to the answer cards slide.  I normally but the shape on the bottom right and label it back to answer board. After you pick your shape and label it you will link it by clicking on it, click link, and pick the answer card slide.  Once you have it linked duplicate it for each question so 20 questions would mean 19 duplicates, 15 questions would mean 14 duplicates.  By linking that shape before duplicating, it will be link on all of your question slides.  Next, you will put all of your questions on the slides in order.  The final step is the tricky part, you will link the answers to the slides. Insert a shape that will cover one of your answer cards, make it transparent, and the border transparent.  The last questions answer card should be linked to the first question slide. The first questions answer should be linked to the second question slide and so on.  Put this transparent shape over each answer card and link it to the correct question slide.  I put a done option at the bottom of the answer board and have a slide at the very end for them to submit their work by Google Form.  Share your activity with students in presentation mode

If you would prefer a pre-made template here is a copy just update it with your own content.  


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