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Padlet Wall

I love to have competitions in my classroom and Padlet walls make them easy to do virtually.  If you are in person you can also do this.  Last year, we had a gingerbread man competition this way.  The students drew, created, baked, or somehow came up with a gingerbread man.  I learned a lot about my students during these competitions, one of my students is an amazing artist and we could see her drawings this way, some of my students loved to bake and we were able to see their creations.  The video will show you how to use the padlet wall set up.  

After the voting ended, I had them prove it was their creation.  This allowed them to show off their work while also letting the post be anonymous so no one voted based on who they liked.  

If your school is doing SEL(social, emotional, learning) padlets are a great way for kids to express themselves without others knowing who said it.  


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