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Setting Email Boundaries


I've found that communication especially emails are a place that teachers and families struggle with boundaries.  Most of us have the emails set to come to our phones which is great during the work day but that also means you get them at night, weekends, and on breaks.  Last year, I started setting up an Out of Office Reply for parents and students to receive.  At first, I still received a large amount of emails over the weekend but they knew I wasn't going to reply and it was reinforced with the automated email they received.  I started using this, again this year and a month or so into the school year I started to only receive 1-2 emails on the weekend.  I no longer have to set my auto reply on the weekend because they no longer expect me to reply, they know I won't reply until Monday.  This is also great for days that you are out, on breaks, or even at night.  

I recommended this to my coworkers last year and they shared how nice it was.  I would recommend you give it a try.  


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