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The Little Things Matter


As teachers, we do small things to connect with our students, things that may seems insignificant to most.  When school began this year, I painted my nails like pencils, they weren't perfect but they didn't have to be.  The next week I painted them with hearts.  This week a student asked, what did you paint them this week? I hadn't changed them.  For my students who want to do nails in the future, this small thing is big to them.  Painting my nails gives me a connection point with them, in an area they enjoy.  This may seem silly but over the years it is something small that has opened the door for some students.  

The small things you do will probably not be noticed by all, but one small thing may make a difference for a student in your class.  One small thing may be, what helps that student know others have the same interest as them or that their interest is important.  Keep doing the small things, that allow you to connect with students even if it's just 1 student. 


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