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Student Creativity


As a math teacher, I often hear from students that math is hard or I don't get it.  I could reply with math is easy but instead, I let them know we'll work together.  It takes time but I work to build a classroom where students know they can ask any questions, they can ask for me to explain it a different way, or ask for another example.

One way that I build this trust is asking the students for help with areas that I know they enjoy or excel.  This year one of those areas is Canva.  My students really enjoy creating presentations, designs and more on Canva.  We are doing class spirit days and I wanted a poster for each day so I made a request to students.  I shared that I was still learning Canva but if anyone wanted to help I'd appreciate it.  

This provided the students who love to create a chance to help me.  It also gave them a chance to show off their work.  I gave the students a topic and they could create/design based on the idea.  We had really cool posters to hang up thanks to the designs and I made sure to share who created each one so that their work could be recognized. 

This may seem small but my student's are seeing that I'm still learning and that at times I could use help too. For my creative students, this was one way for them to share what they love.    


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