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Data, Data, Data

 It’s that time of year were we hear data often.  As students approach benchmarks, midterms, and quarter test administrators are watching. When students finish the test the next step becomes what are you going to do with the data. How are you going to get the kids in the red, below passing, into passing? What will you do with the borderline yellow students to get them into green? Finally, what activities or enrichment activities will happen with your green, passing students?

I think most of us have heard this after giving some type of test during the school.  You have even thought, what else can I do? 

I want to show you how to create a spreadsheet that helps with the collection of the data and then share what I’m doing with it. 

The spreadsheet makes it very easy to see who falls where in each topic. Once you have it set up, you can use it for multiple reasons. I’ve used it to track Standard Based Grading scores, progress test, prep for stare test, and more. 

I typically teach the lower level math class so many of my students have struggled in the past with math.  This could mean a lot of red and a large amount of remediation but it doesn't.

I've started offering review sessions each week on a topic. The sessions happen during their study break and any student is welcome to attend.  The students I need to attend, I let them know but I don't call them out in front of their peers.  By keeping this an open session for review, students never know if a person is there by choice or because they struggled in that area. 


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